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For accepted students

Congratulations to your spot on Industrial Engineering and Management!

Here is where it all begins! The chapter has an extensive student life and during the spring 150 committed students have worked to organize a Reception to best welcome the new students with open arms. In order for you newly admitted students to get to know your class and get the best possible start to your time at KTH, your adventure begins with the Reception.

The 14/8 is the day for roll call and when you arrive on campus in the morning, we will divide you into 16 small groups, also called n0llegrupper. Then the Reception begins and that means exciting activities from morning to evening. You get an introduction to the chapter’s traditions and attend “sittningar” that consist of dinner, singing, performances and associated after-parties. The Reception will mostly be on KTH Campus so that you can become familiar with KTH's areas, but sometimes we will go away to other places in Stockholm. All participation in the Reception is completely voluntary (The roll call is, however, mandatory. If you cannot attend the roll call, you must contact study advisor Michelle Eng Medin at

A few days before the call you will be contacted by one of your faddrar who will check the situation before the call and remind you of what is good to have available during the Reception (see below). A couple of weeks before the call, the schedule for the first two weeks is released on KTH's website and then two weeks at a time. If you have any questions before then, you are most welcome to contact ÖPH (Överphösare), who is responsible for the Reception. ÖPH 2023 is Gustaf Svensson and can be reached at or 0727460076

What should I bring?

First day

Many activities, including the first day, will be outdoors. Therefore, make sure that you dress accordingly and wear clothes that you are comfortable sitting in the grass with. The absolute most important part of the first day is that you bring your ID for the roll call!

During the Reception

The Reception involves mixed activities from morning to evening. The following clothes can be of use during the weeks and can therefore be good to have close at hand:

  • Formal clothes for finer occasions, which means a dark suit or dress
  • Fun dressing up of various kinds for themed sittningar
  • Long dress/tailcoat/dark suit for our finest sittningar
  • Swimwear


Get in the housing queue!

You can do that at It's never too late to get in line, and you never know when your time in line might come in handy. SSSB also continuously publishes student rooms at the last minute where the "first come, first served" principle applies. If you're lucky, you can get a last-minute apartment even if you haven't managed to accumulate so many queue days.

SSSB is the students' housing agency and is part-owned by THS (KTH’s Student Union) and a lot of other unions in Stockholm. To live and queue at SSSB, a THS membership is required.

There are also other players on the market that offer student accommodation. One of them is Stockholm's city housing agency. You can read more about their housing here:

Private rental

There are many private individuals who want to rent out rooms or apartments in Stockholm. You will find private ads on, among other places, “Akademisk kvart” is a second-hand mediation service that directly addresses students. Advertising and becoming a member is completely free for everyone. Akademisk kvart strives to only mediate second-hand housing that has a reasonable rent level. To make this possible, Akademisk kvart offers, in addition to information about type contracts and rules, also control of renters and knowledge about fraud in the industry. Akademisk kvart is constantly updated on the housing market in Stockholm.


Gustaf Svensson, ÖPH